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Acceptance with the Supplier Code

Code of Ethics for RusVinyl
Suppliers and Contractors

RusVinyl seeks to work with suppliers which share the Company's commitment to the following principles:

Industrial Safety, Ecology and Labor Protection

  1. Strictly follow the rules, procedures and instructions of RusVinyl in the field of industrial safety, ecology and labor protection.
  2. Prevent accidents and injuries of employees and do not allow people in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication to stay on production sites.
  3. Provide employees with necessary training, knowledge testing and briefings on labor protection.
  4. Provide fair remuneration to all employees, which must comply with the standards provided by law.
  5. Limit employees’ working hours so that they do not exceed maximum working hours established by law.
  6. Prevent any form of discrimination and forced labor, providing each employee with equal opportunities to exercise their labor rights.
  7. Comply with all requirements of applicable national and regional environmental legislation, as well as have and apply a comprehensive environmental program.
  8. Monitor compliance with requirements of the environmental legislation with regard to environmental impact of their activities, products and services through training, awareness, in-process monitoring and tracking.
  9. Take active and regular measures to prevent various types of environmental impacts, in particular, air, soil and water pollution, as well as noise levels, in the course of work, production of products and provision of services.
  10. Conserve natural resources, avoid the use of hazardous materials and participate in wastes recycling and reuse activities.
  11. Starting from 2023, do not use vehicles with an environmental class of engines lower than 4 environmental class for motor vehicles, and lower than the established by UNECE Regulation No. 49 (04) / Revision 3 or UNECE No. 96 (02) for the corresponding special equipment (tractors).

Good Faith Principle / Ethical Conduct

  1. Counteract corruption and bribery.
  2. Not give expensive gifts. In case of a doubt about the value of the gift, it is required to refrain from giving the gift. Not give any gifts during the active phase of negotiations.
  3. Refrain from actions that can harm business reputation of RusVinyl.

Supply Chains

  1. Take reasonable measures to prevent the use in own products, raw materials originating from the regions in the military conflict zone and high-risk zones, and thereby not contribute to violations of human rights, corruption, or other negative consequences. 
  2. Comply with the principles of non-discrimination in the selection of suppliers and interaction with them.
  3. Ensure competitiveness of own supply chain, as well as risks management in the chain in order to avoid disruptions in order fulfillment. 
  4. Take reasonable steps to ensure that own suppliers comply with the principles of this Code.

Compliance with the Legislation

  1. Comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Act in accordance with the competition law and not participate in price collusion, market or customer allocation, market division or collusion with competitors during bidding.
  3. Comply with applicable export / import control standards and customs regulations.
  4. Ensure confidentiality of data received from RusVinyl at any stage of interaction. Process personal data on a confidential basis and ensure effective protection of personal data and use them exclusively for lawful purposes.