RusVinyl LLC has begun the construction of the largest in Russia fully integrated PVC plant

A solemn ceremony for laying of the foundation Corner Stone of RusVinyl integrated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) complex, which will be the largest in Russia, was held on 12th of July in Kstovo district of Nizhniy Novgorod region. It is a joint venture of Sibur, the leading company in Russian petroleum chemistry, and SolVin, the worldwide manufacturer of polyvinyl chloride.

The cornerstone symbolizes the beginning of construction of a high-technology and environmentally safe plant that will be built under European standards and will meet the European labor safety requirements. Once this fully integrated complex is operational it will be producing 330 kilotons of polyvinyl chloride and 235 kilotons of caustic soda a year. The commissioning of the plant is scheduled for year 2013.

Yves Leterme, the Prime Minister of Belgium, and Guy Trouveroy, the Belgium ambassador in Russia, arrived to participate in the laying of the cornerstone of the Russian-Belgian plant. The Prime Minister indicated that “this is the biggest joint project of Russia and Belgium for the last 25 years”.

This project will create more than 500 job positions on the plant itself and will bring additional open positions in related productions and services (logistics, maintenance). The global statistics indicate that a newly created job place in PVC manufacturing brings 3-5 additional ones.