GlavGosExpertise of Russia draws positive conclusion for PVC plant construction project to be carried out in Nizhniy Novgorod region

RusVinyl has received a positive conclusion from the state expert body FGU GlavGosExpertise for its world scale project of the construction of a PVC manufacturing plant in the Kstovskiy district of Nizhniy Novgorod area. As a result of the state expertise that lasted for 90 days the project was recognized as fully compatible with all Russian rules and regulations.
RusVinyl was supported for the engineering and permitting activities by the Technip group.
The positive conclusion of FGU GlavGosExpertise will allow the investor to get the construction permit and to proceed with the construction of the PVC plant whose projected manufacturing capacity is estimated at 330,000 tons per year as soon as the financing is finalized. The acknowledged advantage of this project lies in the use of the best practices available today in the world of PVC production. Environmental protection and operational safety have been amongst the most important aspects of the project. Around 10% of the total investment cost is dedicated to environment preservation measures. The first stage of construction works is planned for 2010.