The results of the district competition «Robots and ecology» were summed up in Kstovo.

The results of the district competition «Robots and ecology» were summed up in Kstovo, in the additional education center «Intelligence», on November,16, 2017, with the support of a joint venture of Sibur and Solvay – RusVinyl company. More than 50 young technicians of different ages formed different teams and took part in the ecology quiz, after which presented their inventions to the judging panel. The contestants were assigned a task to invent, design and program a robot, which cleans the roads. The most interesting designs of the rubbish – collection machinery of the future got into the final.

Kstovo center «Intelligence» is at the moment a scientific and testing site of the  «Robotics» program in the Nizhny Novgorod region, it trains over 250 trainees, who first  study the basics of computer use, programming and create automated devices. Robot technicians from Kstovo more than once have won  all –Russia competitions.

When congratulating the participants of the competition RusVinyl LLC’s General Director Guenther Nadolny remarked: «For us it is quite important to develop the ecological mindset.  In view of this the link between new technologies and environmental protection is very topical. It enables the current generation, the young people to understand what is really important for the future. Our enterprise operates on the principle of a closed- loop economy. It means that we produce up-to-date polymer materials, which protect and save resources, make the life of a man of today easier and more comfortable, open up new fields to develop scientific and technical ideas. Besides, materials are produced according to clean technologies and undergo repeated processing. Thus, polymers help the mankind and the environment». 

Implementation of «Robots and ecology» project has become possible thanks to winning «Ecomind»  contest of social and ecological projects, which  has been held by RusVinyl LLC for four consecutive years. This year the enterprise has allocated three grants for implementation of ecological projects in Kstovo. New plants, contributing to prevention of virus diseases, were provided  in November to the kindergartens of the town. In winter preschoolers will get to know the advantage of separate collection of rubbish.