The kindergarten «Penguin» - the leader of the internet voting for greening of kindergartens in Kstovo was presented with more than 50 phytoncides plants.

In Kstovo kindergarten №4 «Pingvin» the rewarding and summarizing of the project «Plants make children healthy!» took place on October, 24. Greening of children's institutions with phytoncides plants, which reduce bacterial contamination of rooms, is carried out under the program. «Penguin» received more votes during the internet voting for landscaping of the city's kindergartens. As a result, the kindergarten received as a gift more than 50 phytoncides plants, methodical literature, tools and equipment for handling of plants. The project is being implemented under the financial support of RusVinyl LLC, a joint venture of SIBUR and Solvay, in cooperation with the Legislative Assembly of the Nizhny Novgorod region. It is worth noting that «Penguin» has already won the project in 2015. Now in the kindergarten № 4 there are already 2 sets of useful phytoncides. Internet voting was held in August and September by the information partner of the project Zemlyaki newspaper on city portal.

The project «Plants make children healthy!» is being implemented for more than ten years in the Nizhny Novgorod region. According to the ten-year health statistics, the indoor use of phytoncides plants reduces air’s bacterial pollution by 30 -70%, and, as a consequence, reduces the risk of acute respiratory diseases, by minimum 30%. Over the last four years in Kstovo this project has been supported by RusVinyl LLC under the frame of environmental projects competition «Ecomind». Information support has been provided by the Committee for Ecology and Use of Natural Resources of the Nizhny Novgorod region’s Legislative Assembly.