RusVinyl in conjunction with NNGASU is carrying out a project on waste recycling into construction materials components.

RusVinyl, PVC-production joint venture of SIBUR and SolVin, actually work on a project of recycling industrial waste resulting from salt treatment (sludge) into an economically useful material which can be employed, for example, as a component of mixtures to manufacture construction materials: masonry units, partition blocks, facing tiles.

Ordinary salt, main raw material in PVC production, passes through several treatment stages before entering the process, which results in formation of the sediment of sand, calcium and magnesium salts or, speaking vernacular, sludge. This type of waste is safe and rates as class IV waste like, for example, household garbage or old furniture. As the sludge composition is similar to plain gypsum, RusVinyl works on its prospects to be used as a construction material.

This is exactly the project RusVinyl is working on together with the Department of Construction Materials and Technologies of the Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (NNGASU). It is one of the leading expert regional centre in construction sphere with a more than 80-year research experience, having laboratory testing facilities and scientific expertise in the field of both existing and new construction materials.

Within the framework of this project focused on the possibility of using sludge resulting from salt treatment NNGASU specialists work to determine technical properties of the material, select and test the modes of material preparation to meet requirements to the feedstock for production of ceramic items, and develop preferred technology for manufacturing of the end product. Prototypes of sludge-based blocks have already been produced and tested in laboratory conditions. «The executed works prove the possibility of use of this material for masonry units and partition blocks. The results of trial use of the material for tile manufacturing will be presented as early as next year», - noted professor Vladimir Suchkov, the head of the Department of Construction Materials and Technologies, NNGASU. 

At the same time RusVinyl is searching for companies interested in implementing a project aimed at manufacturing construction products on the basis of this alternative material with such advantages as its availability, properties which do not differ from those of traditionally employed materials, and definite environmental effect in view of reduction of the amount of industrial waste due to its recycling into marketable products.

«Any modern factory has to put efforts to minimize wastes. And our current goal is to reduce sludge generation to a minimum. I consider this project has a good potential: due to the recycling new alternative and safe construction components could appear», - commented RusVinyl CEO Guenther Nadolny.