In May, the European Union approved the setting up of the PVC production enterprise named RusVinyl LLC. The new company is a joint project of SolVin (affiliated company of Solvay SA and BASF AG) and SIBUR, a Russian petroleum-refining holding company (as reported by SIBUR’s press service).

RusVinyl will construct a polyvinyl chloride integrated plant in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. The project investments will total €650 million. The annual plant capacity will be 330 kilotons of PVC.

SIBUR and SolVin will each hold 50% of shares in the joint venture authorized capital. RusVinyl’s board of directors will comprise 3 representatives of each party. RusVinyl will obtain from Solvay a license for the best available techniques of suspension and emulsion PVC production.

The joint venture will be supplied with raw material (ethylene) for the new production from SIBUR-owned petrochemical plant in Kstovo. RusVinyl LLC will also deal with marketing, PVC and caustic soda sales on the CIS market. If the current growth rates of PVC consumption in the CIS countries persist, the partners intend to further extend the working capacity on the basis of RusVinil LLC.

The Project parties support the idea of Nizhny Novgorod authorities about the creation of a PVC recycling industrial cluster at Kaprolaktam plant premises (Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod Region).