RusVinyl LLC’s and its business partners’ declaration on compliance with ethic and legal standards

There is a Code of Conduct in RusVinyl LLC. RusVinyl LLC is intolerant to breaches of the Code and RusVinyl LLC’s all employees should carry out their activity in accordance with the established in the Company standards and requirements.

RusVinyl LLC receives and studies the applications of counteragents and other individuals as well as legal entities about possible facts of corruption offenses, involving the Company’s employees, as well as counteragents, with the use of e-mail resource and during face-to-face meetings.

RusVinyl LLC aims at establishing complex measures on checking the information about the possible facts of corruption offenses, and in case they are confirmed – at remedying (minimizing) their consequences and causes, contributing to them.

RusVinyl LLC’s contracts contain an anti-corruption clause on compliance with the legislative standards, which envisages observance by the business partners of all applicable legislative and standard acts on anti-corruption, laundering of illegal incomes and terrorism during compliance with these contracts.

RusVinyl LLC seeks to retain and develop relations with business partners, who carry out the activity in accordance with high ethical standards and implement the measures on opposition to corruption offenses in conformity with article 13.3. FL «On anti-corruption», as well as applicable international standards on anti-corruption.

RusVinyl LLC’s business partners

RusVinyl LLC’s business partner hereby declares, assures and negotiates with RusVinyl LLC that with regard to any types of deals, concluded between RusVinyl LLC and the business partner, or concluded in pursuance of the obligations between the Parties with any third parties (hereinafter – the Deal), the business partner assumes the following legal obligations:

1.1.The business partner to the full extent complies with all applicable legislative and standard acts on opposition to corruption offenses.

1.2.The business partner does not employ and does not suppose to employ directly or indirectly a public officer or a municipal officer to render services under the deal. In case of such employment, the business partner will inform thereof its counteragent, RusVinyl LLC.

1.3.The business partner declares and assures that neither it, nor its shareholders/founders, final beneficiaries, officers, employees, counteragents, acting in the interests of the business partner, directly or indirectly, effected and will effect the Prohibited payments in order to conclude and/or execute the Deal. The «prohibited payment» means any proposal, gift, payoff, promise of payment or permit to pay any funds or of another assets, directly or indirectly, to a public officer or a municipal officer, RusVinyl LLC’s employee, as well as any individual or legal entity, acting in their interests.

1.4.The business partner undertakes to notify its counteragent, RusVinyl LLC, in case it, its shareholder/ founders, final beneficiaries, officials, employees, counteragents, acting in the business partner’s interests, will be found guilty of committing a financial crime, including, but not limited to, fraud, commercial bribery, misuse of authority, laundering of illegal incomes or terrorism financing, or of committing an administrative offense, as provided for by article 19.28 of the RF’s Code of administrative offenses due to conclusion or execution of the Deal.

1.5.The business partner assures RusVinyl LLC that conclusion and execution of the Deal will not be used to take criminal actions, divert or hide the revenues from any criminal activity, including commercial bribery, bribery, fraud.