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RusVinyl once again confirmed its compliance with international standards of quality, ecology and labor protection.

The company won the second and the third places in nominations Sustainable Enterprise and Responsible Employer  respectively in the category «small companies».

A new complex research laboratory which will foster development of customers technical support possibilities of the company in particular and development of the Russian polymer processing market overall.

The rating criteria are based on international corporate social responsibility standards. 

Supervisory audits are carried out annually to confirm the compliance of the Company's integrated managment sytem with the issued certificate. 

RusVinyl won the nomination "Leader of Trade and Purchasing Innovations" in the annual competition "Leader of Competitive Purchases". 

Since December 1, 2021, Marc Lahalle has been appointed as CEO of RusVinyl LLC, a joint venture between SIBUR and Solvay. Guenther Nadolny, who has been the head of the company for the last 10 years, has completed his professional career.

“RusVinyl” has been high scored of the sectoral contest “5 stars. Chemical industry leaders” the third year in succession. 

During the excursion the members of the mission visited three major production steps and the logistics platform of the company. 

RusVinyl participates in the campaign for the fourth year.

The six-day audit included a visit to the production site of the integrated complex, online and personal meetings with managers and specialists of the company COVID-19 safety-wise.

RusVinyl company is concerned about the increased number of cases of illegal use of its name and logo by fraudsters who offer services of finished products selling.

ISO standards accumulate world experience and best practices and represent one of the tools for sustainable development of a modern enterprise.

A new universal sports ground is designed for all-year use.

Sodium hypochlorite is used to produce disinfectants and antiseptic substances.

The audit is conducted annually in order to confirm the previously issued RusVinyl certificate of compliance with international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Additional preventive measures in the purpose of prevention from spread  of the coronavirus  and ensuring safety of the employees’ health are in place. 

This is a part of the digitalization program of the plant.

RusVinyl won the nomination “Leader of trading and purchasing innovations”. The awarding ceremony took place on October 24 in Moscow.

The Company was nominated for three categories.

The Deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Nizhny Novgorod region got aquainted with the initiative of RusVinyl on mineral waste recycling

Applications are collected through May 16.

Gleb Nikitin visited the PVC production site of the joint venture of SIBUR and Solvay.

RusVinyl – Joint Venture of SIBUR and Solvay – produced a one millionth ton of suspension PVC.


The Olympiad is directed to increase the quality of professional education and competitiveness of college graduates.

The ideas & innovations program of RusVinyl LLC - joint venture of SIBUR and Solvay - has been recognized the best practice in the field of employees encouragement system.

The results of the district competition «Robots and ecology» were summed up in Kstovo.

The kindergarten «Penguin» - the leader of the internet voting for greening of kindergartens in Kstovo was presented with more than 50 phytoncides plants.

The signature took place within the context of the IV International business-summit in Nizhniy Novgorod.

RusVinyl in conjunction with NNGASU is carrying out a project on waste recycling into construction materials components.

RusVinyl has demonstrated the increase of the production volumes by 28%

RusVinyl PVC integrated plant and “RZD Logistika” signed an agreement for transport and logistics services. 

RusVinyl is planning to start the production of a new emulsion PVC grade, which is used in the production of vinyl wallpaper.

RusVinyl - joint venture of SIBUR and Solvay - will finance projects which won in Ecomind contest. Contracts for the financing of the projects implementation will be concluded with the winners within July.

A site tour for school students took place at the plant.

The most modern production equipment is installed at RusVinyl plant.

PVC is a material of choice for more than 20 fileds of human life, including construction, civil engineering, medicine, design&fashion and automotive industry.

President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin took part in the opening ceremony of RusVinyl integrated PVC complex in September, 2014.

The complex of RusVinyl administrative buildings was designed by the famous Belgian achitecture bureau Samyn & Partners.

Animated video on caring use of natural resources.

A virtual photo excursion to the RusVinyl PVC-production company.

How is PVC born? Where is this wide-spread polymer applied? The answers to these questions you may find in the film about RusVinyl integrated PVC-production complex.


For the second year in a row RusVinyl supports the eco-social project «Plants make children healthy!».

The sports stadium of secondary school №6 in Kstovo underwent complex reconstruction with the financial support from RusVinyl LLC.

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